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Registration Guidelines

1. Your ward should be +3 but -4 by March 1st , 2024. The Date of Birth Certificate from the Municipality, Xerox copy of an Aadhaar Card and three passport size photographs of your ward must be ready at the time of registration.

2. The Registration Forms will be available online between December 11, 2023 and December 16, 2023 on our website. Parents have to enter all the details of their ward accurately as per the documents. The details will be cross verified with the original documents in person in the school office. Any wrong details entered in the online form will lead to disqualification of the child.

3. Registering a child for admission in this school is solely at the discretion of the parent. Parents are free to enquire and familarize themselves with all the rules, policies and procedure of the school. Any disagreements will not be entertained later.

4. The students who have registered themselves in this school will have to appear for interaction. The father and the mother of the student must accompany the ward on the day of interaction.

5. In case a child is adopted, parents have to produce attested copy of Adoption Certificate from the competent authority. In case of Divorce/ Separation, the parent who is admitting the child has to produce the copy of Custody of Child Certificate issued by the competent law officer.

6. Registration fee is Non-refundable and Non-Transferable. The fee payable is subject to the change from time to time. Parents shall be informed of any such changes.

7. Transport facilities are available on all the main routes within a radius of 10 Kms from the school Campus. The Students, who intent to use the bus facilities, will have to use the service for the entire academic session. Students cannot discontinue using the bus facility in the mid-way of the session.