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We would like to take opportunity to welcome you to the website of R.P school Srinagar Kashmir. We would like to thank the families of R.P School for their support and encouragement and would like to welcome the students and the parent community of the school for their good wishes, ideas and thoughts.

By the divine grace and assistance of Allah Ta’aala we have succeeded in launching our website.We humbly acknowledge His great help and guidance. We firmly believe if it had not been His will and support, R.P School would never have come into existence.

R.P School Srinagar is an independent educational institution affiliated with the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education,recognized by the government of Jammu and Kashmir. R. P. School strictly follows the syllabus prescribed by the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education. Beyond the prescribed syllabus, we provide them knowledge with par excellence. We believe that knowledge is a single unit that cannot be separated. We are against the discrimination that divides knowledge into secular and religious categories. These terms are alien to us. We along with Islamic studies teach simultaneously Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science and so on. It is our faith that knowledge has descended from Allah Ta’aala. We believe the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography and Mathematics etc. assist us to understand the different Ayats of the Quran. His Ayats also help us to understand His creation and laws prevailing in the universe. Instead of distancing away, these subjects bring us closer to Almighty Allah. Besides teaching these Sciences we teach them the languages like Arabic, Urdu, English and Kashmiri.

Since its birth in 1990 R.P. School has made tremendous progress. The school has so far produced eleven batches of class 10th and none of the students has ever failed. The results shown in these years speak themselves about the quality of education the school is providing to the children.We never claim we have reached the heights or touched the skies.Once we claim that we reached the top, it means that we admit that we cannot go further up. In simple words the decline starts when there is no room left for improvement. However, we believe that there is always provision and room left for progress and improvement.