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The Mission of the school science Laboratory is that of involving our students in science experiments and investigate activities and engaging students in the exploration of science in an exciting and meaningful way. The school has a well-qualified and dedicated laboratory staff to aid the students during the experiments. They are asked to record data, analyses data and communicate this data in a practical format, such as charts, graphs.



The school has a fully equipped library with a reference section and a reading room. Well-stocked library helps the student in their work. Children are exposed to a good store of reading material during the weekly library periods. This exposure helps the students to build up a firm foundation in reading and comprehension. Library books are allowed to take home from standard VI onwards. Students are allowed to borrow and retain them for a period of a week. They are also given ample time for reference work and can make use of the large number of reference books available.The school library has a stock of 8000 quality books approximately, including research survey, encyclopedia, autobiographic, biographic, general reference books, periodicals, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers etc



The school provides transport facility to the students through its own buses for bringing in students from different localities to the school and vice versa. The school has 35 buses.